Saturday, February 6, 2016

Who is the real Chuck Taylor?

I am going to be really angry and wrestling is going to be never the same. The dilemma is the following on what I know of:

I saw a retweet from Weekly Wrestling Podcast (Follow them on twitter @WeeklyWPodcast) of a twitter user Scoot Tatum, which it is "The Kentucky Gentleman" Chuck Taylor and I was thinking that he was in a identity crises, but that was not the case. When I got to the twitter account of the one who was part of the Kings of Wrestling stable during 2007 in Chikara, this is what he tweeted:

I went to check this out and I was thinking that this wannabe who took this man's name and there was no reason of what I could find out. I do not know why Chikara allow this, but, this is really embarrassing, plus, how will he be booked in other promotions like PWG, AIW, Beyond Wrestling, and Smash Wrestling, just to name a few! In fact, does Trent Baretta know? Does Drew Gulak know? Does Excalibur know? Hell, I am going to regret it, but, does Chris Hero even know?

This better be fixed before PWG Bowie, otherwise, everyone is going to be so confused of the matter, especially, Dalton Castle:

I don't know you all, but, I could be in trouble if I call the one known as "The Kentucky Gentleman" this (as seen as this video):

By the way, this situation happened on National Pro Wrestling Day show.

I am hoping Dave Muscarella of PWPonderings can report more of this Chikara madness...

By the way, I am going to be posting a second blog about now...

Lindsie Starr

(Update) Nikolas Magee, who provides results on Wrestling Heads, posted the results of National Pro Wrestling Day. It seems the wannabe is actually Stokely Hathaway, the manager of Moose in Ring of Honor. He is the one who took it.

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