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Justin Gabriel hesitates, Wade Barrett M.I.A., The Miz gone nuts (Posted on December 28th, 2010 on the now defunct WWE Universe website)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010, 12:32 PM EST [Raw]

Last night was very nutty. For the last RAW of 2010, no one expected much of CM Punk, being the new leader of The Nexus, leaving out poor Wade Barrett, but that is not the only thing, Justin Gabriel is hesitating to what I believe that he doesn't like CM Punk. Even though something doesn't add right, Gabriel hesitate when he does a 450 splash and I believe he wants to see the camera on him. Something doesn't add right and I don't know. Not only that, CM Punk mention to John Cena what Cena did to Wade Barrett like what he did to Dave Batista, and Cena had to come back with something different.
 No doubt about it.
But, here are questions that should be ask, What will happen to Wade Barrett when he returns? Will he rejoin the Nexus and accept CM Punk as leader? Will he bring out a new group of wrestlers? Will he join John Cena and destroy CM Punk? No one will know?
As for the Miz, he has been acting very weird, but he is being serieous. He got mad about Alex Riley losing his match to John Morrison, and after that he loses to Jerry Lawler with the help from John Morrison. After Daniel Bryan's match against Zack Ryder, Michael Cole reads us an e-mail from that RAW GM and after that, The Miz comes out of nowhere and attack Jerry Lawler. Is the Miz going to far? Maybe. But, how far is he gone?
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This is another one that I posted on the now defunct WWE Universe website. This is what I was recapping on WWE RAW, when I did not know that Wade Barrett & Justin Gabriel would be going on to Smackdown and the feud between The Miz against WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry Lawler.

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