Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Last Goodbye My Angelic Cowboy (Posted on Triond on April 17th, 2011)

This was a poem that was saying goodbye to Lance Cade, who had died last year. I done this poem last year and posted on my Facebook account.
The last goodbye my Angelic Cowboy
It was a Friday afternoon,
Around 12:30 to 12:50pm,
I check up my phone.
I receive a couple of tweets on twitter that was sent to my phone.
I thought it would be the same boring stuff from Jeff Jarrett or Jeff Hardy or even Matt Hardy.
But, this time it was different.
Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore express out on twitter,
Saying that Lance Cade died.
I couldn’t believe it,
Until I went  onto, 
wrestling news website,
Saying what Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore said.
It was true.
I tried to shed a tear or two,
And went onto,
And tweet what I said,
That me,
MissLindsie is so upset that my favorite wrestler during 2003 to 2008,
Lance Cade has pass away.
I will miss him.
So does Candice Michelle.
Everyone was so upset,
Shawn Michaels.
If there was a way,
That I wish,
To turn back in time,
To get another chance to meet Lance Cade again,
And wish that I was with him in a relationship,
And tell him not to do it,
So he would not end up like he is now.
If I didn’t,
I would say to him,
Before he died,
I would say to him,
Goodbye my Angelic Cowboy,
And gave him a kiss.
That would be my wish.
But, it’s too late.
This is the last goodbye,
My Angelic Cowboy.
I must move on,
To a new sight to see,
A English wrestler,
only known in the WWE as Wade Barrett.
I will watch him, 
Like I watch Lance,
And someday,
Wade will be Champion.
But for now…
…I will remember Lance Cade, and watch Wade Barrett.
The End

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