Monday, August 31, 2015

DON'T YOU DARE! A really angry wrestling blog entry!

As I was on twitter looking for pictures of Chris Hero at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla show, Battle of Los Angeles Night Three, which he made is way to the finals of the tournament, I came across this tweet:

I knew I am tick off. This twitter user is nothing more then a sad sick woman who should loose her twitter account. She took a picture of the back of Chris' trunks which it's the name of his tag team with JT Dunn at Beyond Wrestling and decided to turn it into a joke. If you think she is a wrestling fan, think again. She also send this tweet out too:

For a woman who is married to a man who loves wrestling, should be nice and make her husband happy, not bitching about wrestling nerds and making fun of a man who is healthy. Believe me, I listen to some podcasts of Chris and I almost really lost it when he said that he ended up at his lowest at 213lbs, which he was under contract with WWE. I seen on news about people make fun of people. It's really ugly, because it is bullying. Believe me when I see bullying and I always says, Bullying is Ugly. Why? It's because making fun of people on social media is bullying, which it's ugly. It is really so awful.

For those who are wondering, I reported and block that user. If I was you, I do the same. It won't be worth to get into a twitter fight against an awful person. If you agree with her, but like my blog entries, what's wrong with you?

Lindsie Starr

Ps. The first part of my title, DON'T YOU DARE, is a quote from Tim Donst at Chikara, which he says to Jakob Hammermeier about the Chikara Young Lions Cup and Hallowicked.

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