Saturday, September 5, 2015

War against Zinio

If you are reading this, you are really angry that you can't pay your digital copy of your favorite magazine via Paypal to Zinio and you are forced to pay with a credit card or using your iTunes or Google Play account. Fear not, you are not alone. Just read my blog and if you see so much cursing and you do not like it, I do apologize in advance. I am frustrated because of it. Let's begin on it and see what is going on.

I am going to tell you something. I been to war against Zinio. This started two night ago due to two pro wrestlers, Drew Galloway and Grado tweeted about their ranks from PWI 500. For those who are wondering, PWI stands for Pro Wrestling Illustrated and their PWI 500 is a ranking list of wrestlers they put out in August or September every year for the last 25 years, since this is their 25th year of the list and from tweets on twitter, WWE Superstar Seth Rollins (formally known as Tyler Black) has ranked number one on the PWI 500 this year due to him having a great year. I went to get a copy, but, I end up going through Zinio app to get it and even though, I remember that PWI made it $3.50 and not $3.99 as what the Zinio app is selling it. So, I went to the Zinio website and was going to buy it from Zinio for $3.50, but as I was going to pay it, I been brought to a form to fill out of my credit card. I was thinking, where is the Paypal button? I did not see it. There was no warning. So, I went to ask about it via Zinio chat. Apparently, some dumb bitch named Fatima Smith, which I am sure it's fake, who works at Zinio customer service, tells me that Zinio is not accepting Paypal anymore because it's management's decision. I ask her why, she won't give me more information, except they are accepting credit card. That's only the chat. Here is how the chat went:

Fatima (Fri, 9/4/2015, 01:21:55 am Europe/Berlin) (Eastern Standard Time: 7:21pm 9/3/2015)
Hello Lindsie. How may I help you? 

Fatima (Fri, 9/4/2015, 01:23:20 am) 
Paypol is not listed anymore on the Zinio methods of payment. 

Lindsie (Fri, 9/4/2015, 01:23:36 am) 

Fatima (Fri, 9/4/2015, 01:23:45 am) 
All purchases have to be done through payment card. 

Lindsie (Fri, 9/4/2015, 01:24:04 am) 
It's not explaned well. 

Fatima (Fri, 9/4/2015, 01:24:07 am)
Decision from management. I don't have much more information to provide on it. 

Lindsie (Fri, 9/4/2015, 01:24:24 am) 
It's inexcusable. 

Fatima (Fri, 9/4/2015, 01:25:06 am) 
I apologize for this, I will report your dissatisfaction to our feedback team. 

Fatima (Fri, 9/4/2015, 01:25:34 am) 
Is there anything else I can do to help you today? 

Lindsie (Fri, 9/4/2015, 01:25:57 am) 

Note: This is not Eastern Standard Time, it was on a different time zone, since I know it was on a Thursday.

However, I send a message to Zinio customer service and was hoping to get someone else to answer me, but, I didn't. I got the same bitch from the chat answering my e-mail by telling me the same bullshit story. This is what I send:

I am very dissatisfied with the chat and I did not get my answers, so I am asking on here! It is very inexusable for not sending out a warning that you are no longer accepting paypal without a reason! I wanted to know why! I don't like buying digital copies of PWI by using my credit card! I am very angry with you! I am really wanted to buy PWI 500 to see any of my friends favorite wrestlers as well as mine too! You should be ashamed to yourselves! Also, don't suggest me to do it via my Apple account, because I can't due to some fuckery! All I am asking is why you can't and if so, I will message PWI.

And here is Fatima Smith's fucking response:

Hello Lindsie, 

We are sorry to hear about you experience and will escalate your Paypal complaint to our superiors. The current payment options when purchasing from are as follows: credit or debit cards with the Visa, Mastercard, American Express and JCB logos. Zinio is committed to delivering the best reading experience possible, and feedback like yours is the most important part of the process. We sincerely thank you! 

Zinio Customer Support

Note: She didn't realized it was me who was on the chat and I was complaining about her.

So, I e-mailed and tweet to PWI, since this is mostly about PWI, since I am dying to get their PWI 500 and told them about Zinio's bullshit and their bitch customer service woman Fatima Smith. So far someone on PWI via twitter said they will inform their front office. I also told them that I e-mail them and mention about Zinio customer service bitch. I am really livid that there was no warning about it.

This is my e-mail I send to PWI:

To whomever read this, 

I am really dissapointed with Zinio as I find out that I needed to pay with a credit card for the Digital Issue of PWI 500, but, I did not have problems before when I paid by using Paypal. Do you have any ideal why this is happening? All I just want to buy a digital issue of PWI 500 so I can see my friends favorite wrestlers, Seth Rollins, Wade Barrett, Dean Ambrose, and PJ Black as well as my favorite wrestlers, Chris Hero, Tim Donst, Santana Garrett, Davey Richards, Angelina Love, Eddie Edwards, and Cesaro. 

Lindsie Starr

I included the chat. I should mention I message Zinio, but, I didn't because of it was the same dumb represenative. I tweeted to PWI. This is how it went:

I also send another tweet that I e-mail them and mention Zinio's customer service represenative.

It is really bullcrap that I need to pay with a credit card. Does anyone know about what happened at Target when last year, hackers got credit card information. I don't know if Zinio is trustworthy. What's worse, if I paid through Zinio's app on my iPad, if I resove my situation with iTunes security questions, I would pay $.49 more, since Zinio is selling that price of $3.99, but, PWI is advertising their digital copy of their issue for $3.50 on their website. I know that it is very bad business in my oppinion. I don't know if PWI knows about it besides what I told them on twitter. It is really bullshit. 

I am doing this for my friends and myself. They want to know about their favorie wrestlers as I want to know of mine too. I am sure I will get more of a response from PWI, since they are across the Deleware River, Pennslyvania, likely, Blue Bell, which they are at least an hour from where I live. I don't know where Zinio is located.

So, I will update if I get a response from PWI or I contact Zinio corperate on Monday.

Lindsie Starr

Note: If you are not getting the right price from Zinio by your magazine advertise, I suggest you do the same and contact the magazine, not Zinio, just don't curse. Tell them you are frustrated and you are not going to pay what Zinio put on their app as what the magazine advertise on their website. Even though they could say is what Zinio are putting, because of the platform wants 30% as I read in an article.

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