Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Stop with the lies! Another wrestling blog entry

I am really coming off of finishing America's Got Talent and I am looking online as someone retweeted a reddit wrestling topic about the former Jasmin of Barley Legal in AIW. Apparently she has been target for a few fake tweets by one 20 year old fatty. I said that because some are saying it because he is being a bully. You can see the photos from my twitter account:

The reason why is because this user claims that he screencap them. Sadly, WrestlingNews.co caught him in the act. He made it up. But, what's worse, Jasmin deleted her twitter account because of this bully! If you click and went to see more tweets, you know that I won't let some 20 year old bully her, because I seen her wrestle via downloaded from Smart Mark Videos of the show, AIW Charge it to the Underhills and she was a cutie with Alexia Nicole, but they can kick ass!

As for the fatty bully, why are you going after someone like Jasmin? Are you bored in your parent's basement? If you want to continue to harass someone, I will make sure you won't come on twitter again!

For those who agree with me, I do thank you. I hope Jasmin can restore her twitter account and come face to face with the bully, because she does not need it.

Lindsie Starr

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