Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My childhood might as well be shatter thanks alot to some mystery artist!

I am not sure I am going to post it on Wrestling Heads unless I need to change the title. This is mostly on pro wrestling, my childhood, a TV show I watched as a kid, my community college friend, and my favorite wrestler, Chris Hero?  Err...yes, it's true.

I was getting up today and decided to see if Chris Hero tweeted, since he is still in England for a tour and will be finishing up this weekend as he will be wrestling against a few, namelessly Tyler Bate in a 30 minute Iron Man match Sunday. But, as I was checking on Chris, something caught my eye as I saw Chris mentioning Xavier Woods. I seen on twitter that Xavier Woods is part of a trio with Big E and Kofi Kingston as known as New Day, but, since Xavier Woods really confessed out in tweets or so, that he is a Power Rangers fan, since he got his photo taken with Walter Jones, who played Zack Taylor on the first series based on a Japanese series. However, why does this involved Xavier Woods and why did I freaked out?

Well, this tweet can explain it:
Not only did I see it, but, I am starting to freak out. Suddenly, my childhood memories were released again and it wasn't more like it, since my community college friend Jack told me about Jason David Frank, who played Tommy Oliver for numerous seasons of Power Rangers, was into MMA and was so much different when the last time I saw him was in 2004 on TV. Even though Jack met him a few times, I don't know how to explain this to Jack and I don't know if he is seeing Jason this year at any of the Wizard Comic-Cons. If I go, I may need to take my mother so we can met Nathan Fillion, who played Richard Castle on the ABC Network show, Castle. (Insert laugh)

Anyway, back to that drawing, you see that if my memories serve me correct, which it does, the mystery artist drawn Chris as Jason Lee Scott, played by Austin St. John from Power Rangers Zeo, and I know part of the story. You see, Jason got the powers from an alien named Trey from the planet Triforia, under the suggestion by Tommy, since Tommy knew Jason was one of them before Jason went to do something else by helping out others. Jason accepted the powers and once again he fight against evil with his best friend.

Here are some pictures I got off of Google of Austin St. John as Jason Lee Scott from Power Rangers Zeo:

The last one is Austin St. John (right) with Jason David Frank (left) as Jason and Tommy from Power Rangers Zeo.

To be honest, I haven't been watching Power Rangers, since I saw Jason David Frank in 2004, but when my community college friend Jack told me about Jason, my memories were open again and it took me a few years to fade away, but, with that drawing of Chris Hero, my memories are open again and because of some slick mystery artist doing that, I may never get it out of my mind and looking at Chris Hero the same again.

Because of it, I flipped out and I am certain, Tim Donst, who revealed on twitter that he too used to watched Power Rangers, will freak out to see his former trainer drawn like this. Yeah, I did mention about Tim Donst was trained by Chris Hero on my blog a few times.

I am sure even Xavier Woods is going to be livid about it. Unless he knows about Power Rangers Zeo.

I am never going to recover from this.

Lindsie Starr

Update: Xavier Woods saw it and he clarified to Chris Hero...

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