Saturday, August 22, 2015

How much do you would pay to watch wrestling?

I need to put this out. I want to know, how much do you would pay to watch wrestling? For me, anything below $30. Why? It's really worth it. Why I am asking. Well, last evening, I was going to look for results on twitter for anyone who was attending Freelance Wrestling show, Thrash Gordon, but, Freelance Wrestling decided to live stream their show for free for those who can't attend. Since, I would love to go, but, I live in Bordentown, New Jersey (Freelance Wrestling is in Chicago) and pro wrestling is rarely speak of, unless it's WWE, well according to my mother. She does not get independent pro wrestling.

You see, I seen a lot of people shell out hundreds to thousands of cash to see their favorite wrestler by attending shows and meet and greet. But, I would do anything to see my favorites, but, it's kinda hard. But, from watching a live stream of pro wrestling makes me want to go. I would want to pay to see Chris Hero live at any indy show now, than what if I did back then if Chris was still in WWE. But, I know I seen a lot of fans to do anything to see their favorites.

I know, for my friend Alissa, who is seeing John Moxley (Dean Ambrose if you want to talk WWE), next month and she have saved money and will be going from Ohio where she if from to Pittsburgh. I am sure she will have fun. We talked on Facebook about wrestling and she did told me she would go to see Chris for me when he was in Ohio, but, I told her that he was when Chris was at the Gathering of the Juggalos back in July. He was there on Thursday for music, flew to California for PWG on Friday, but return on Saturday for more music and Bloodymania, but, Sunday, he was at Rhode Island for Beyond Wrestling. I know Alissa is been a good friend.

But, for some, it can be wild. If I had a choice to spend hundreds of dollars or less to see Chris Hero or thousands of dollars to see Claudio Castagnoli, I would choose Chris, not just because I like him, but, it would be less money to spend. No offense to anyone, but, I do like Claudio. But, if I need to spend more money to see the Swiss wrestler, could lead to problems.

So, back to the question, how much do you would pay to watch wrestling? Depends on if it's live or streaming live. I will go to see it. I don't want to go if there will be a problem. I will go to see Chris or even Tim Donst.

Also, last night, Freelance Wrestling Thrash Gordon was good. Besides Chris Hero in tag action in the main event, Darin Corbin, Sugar Dunkerton, and Arik Cannon were on the show was good. It was kinda weird to see clown wrestlers, and some other wrestlers, but, it was a good show. Only female was on the show was a mask fighter named Sally Stiches, but, someone may rated out her real identity, but, I'm not sure.

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