Friday, April 29, 2016

The craziness that is Lindsie Starr as she opens about Tim Donst and the confusing tweets

Yeah, I am feeling so awful and I got Tim Donst confused. What am I talking about? Days ago, I saw a tweet from Tim Donst and he misread my tweets, because my birthday is not until a week from today, which it is May 6th. I got too excited, because his former trainer, who he beat two times at AIW, Chris Hero got verified on twitter. I wanted him to be verified as a birthday wish for me and I also wanted Tim Donst too. Somehow Tim misinterpreted my tweets and then somehow tweeted under one of my tweets. So, I went to apologize to him so many times. I don't know yet if he knows. This is what I tweeted that sums up what happened:

I guess you can say that I got so worked up because after finding out about Chyna's death, with Skits...okay, I have notifications on and he tweeted about it and I had to see. I felt so upset that she did not deserved to die. I don't care if she died because of drugs. She was everyone who looked up to. I was hoping that Tim would remember, but, I wasn't sure. I know that at the upcoming AIW show, JT Lighting Tournament, Tim will be one of the participants of the tournament as well as one of Chyna's friends, Billy Gunn.

I know that Tim Donst is looking forward to meeting the legendary Billy Gunn. Maybe both will get to the finals of the tournament or maybe they will be facing each other at the first night. Who will know.

As for next week. I will be waiting for everyone on twitter to tweet to well as CHRIS HERO! But, I am going to let Tim slide. Besides that, I want him to focus his match that he has at North Virginia Pro Wrestling.

Lindsie Starr

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