Sunday, May 1, 2016

Britain's Got Talent Controversies

This is a very odd blog title, but, since I am looking forward to the 11th season of America's Got Talent on NBC, I end up googling the show to see what to expect this season, besides a new judge...well, actually this is his first time judging on the show, but, not the last of him doing the judging in the USA or even the UK. Yeah, I am talking about Simon Cowell. This season is going to be interesting, besides the appearance of his son, Eric, which has been seen in the promo for AGT:

Simon has been busy with the other Got Talent franchise, Britain's Got Talent, which it is on their 10th season, and it's up in arms with controversies. From judges spats to acts that either been trained and it was fine by everyone or scared the crap out of a judge. Yeah, I got the information from Wikipedia.

The latest, which I googled, is an act from Ben Blaque, which most viewers knows that Ben Blaque was on AGT as reported by news sources and yes, it is true. Ben was on season 7 of AGT and he actually was a Wild Card, not a finalist as most articles are stated. In fact, Ben freaked out former judges, Howard Stern and Sharon Osbourne and current AGT judge, Howie Mandel, because he was blindfolded and trying to pop a balloon, not his assistant:

For his Wild Card act, Ben did this:

 For those who are wondering, feel free to watch Ben's act from BGT:

It's possible that Ben wants to win the 10th season of BGT like British comedian and ventriloquist, Paul Zerdin, who won season 10 of AGT? Probably. But, with BGT fans up in arms, I am not sure. I think maybe they should give Ben a chance, since AGT fans send Paul to victory.

Think about it.

As for Simon Cowell, AGT fans are looking forward to see how much you are going to be liked or hated.


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