Sunday, July 12, 2015

Two things that I learned from this weekend so far

I am doing this and it is about wrestling. So far of this weekend was in favorable for Tim Donst and it had to do with me doing reddit.

What is reddit?

Reddit is a forum that talks about many subjects, including pro wrestling. I did part take in two Ask Me Anything on Reddit within a month and it involved with my two favorite wrestlers, Chris Hero and Tim Donst. About a month ago, I asked Chris about Nick Gage, due to me finding out that Tim Donst would wrestle against Gage and I was wondering if Chris did and he did respond. (Click here to read it.)

I am glad he told me. I did not know who else to turn to. In fact, Chris was right. I found out from Friday night that after Tim Donst beat Nick Gage, Gage attack him. I felt that Gage is a sore loser. However, on Saturday night, it was a different story. Let me go back on Monday night. While everyone was talking about the Monday night thing, I was on Reddit asking Tim Donst about his match against Joe Gacy, when Gacy lost the CZW Wired title at CZW Dojo Wars last Wednesday, Tim was sincere and he wanted to wrestle against Gacy for the CZW Wired title, even though I know that Gacy had to get the title back at the next CZW Dojo Wars. You can see it for yourself. (Click here for part one and part two of the reddit question/answer)

I seen Joe Gacy lose the title to Frankie Pickard on YouTube. But, I read on Twitter on Wednesday night before CZW New Heights that Gacy got the title back at Dojo Wars. With getting the title back and the match set for New Heights, it would be that Gacy would have to deal with a fierce Donst after Donst beat Gage at AIW Absolution Ten. From the fans, it was victory for Donst last night (Despite he cheated and I don't mind). It was for himself because he hasn't wrestled since December, when he won via DQ from Crimson and successfully won the tag team match with the Jollyville Fuck-Its against The Forgotten.

So, from Friday night and last night, beating Nick Gage and Joe Gacy was proven that cancer would not hold Tim Donst down. It makes the fans really happy. It makes him happy. It makes me happy. If you are reading this, you would be happy too. I know it was a promise Tim Donst done in CZW that he said on Reddit to me and it makes me happy.

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