Friday, March 6, 2015

Indy Wrestling Schedule: This weekend (3/6), March, April, and May

NOTE: Until further notice,  all appearances of Tim Donst is pulled. The reason why is explained at this blog entry:
Under circumstances, Tim Donst will not be able to be wrestling until sometime between late April (If he has the surgery in March) to the summer (Depends on the recovery and when he is cleared). That depends on if the surgery goes well and the tumor is benign (Not cancerous). Otherwise I will mention it further.

I am posting the schedule of what I know of PJ Black, Chris Hero, and Drew Galloway. This is what I know so far:

This weekend


Drew Galloway is set to defend the Evolve title at Evolve 38 against Roderick Strong in a steel cage. Chris Hero is also schedule to be on the show. He is wrestling against Drew Gulak (Yet again).



Chris Hero is wrestling against Tommy Dreamer at Family Wrestling Entertainment


PJ Black is wrestling at Preston City Wrestling in a tournament. His opponent is El Ligero.

3/15/2015: Chris Hero returns to Smash Wrestling as he wrestle against Tommaso Ciampa at Smash Wrestling Any Giving Sunday 3.

3/21/2015 & 3/22/2015:

PJ Black is debuting at Premiere Wrestling Xperience (Same promotion that housed Chris Hero in November 2013 PWX I Need A Hero, Drew Galloway in November 2014 PWX What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger and Tim Donst in January 2015 at PWX Taken By Force 3). No word on who his opponents are. Tweet of the announcement:

3/26/2015 through 3/28/2015:

Gabe Sapolsky, the Vice President of Dragon Gate USA and owner of Evolve Wrestling has announced on twitter (He tweet a link) that PJ Black will be wrestling against Drew Galloway on Thursday and Ricochet on Friday. No word on who Drew Galloway is wrestling on Friday and no word yet on who Chris Hero is wrestling on Thursday and Friday. However, on Saturday, Chris will be leading a team of five (Himself and four others) against Colt Cabana's team (Himself and four others). No word on who is on which team. Information:

Update: Gabe also announce that on Saturday, PJ Black will be wrestling against AR Fox (Who is returning from an injury), Chris Hero will be wrestling against Timothy Thatcher. The reason why, months ago in August, Timothy Thatcher won Style Battle, however, Chris came out and attack him, because of losing a match. This is one of two matches Chris will be wrestling since he will be wrestling in Wrestlecon Supershow in a ten man tag team match as his team will be facing against Colt Cabana's team. According to Wrestlecon, Colt's team name is Team Funny Draws Money and Chris' team name is Team Chris Hero Ain't Nothing to F*ck with. (That's the name of one of Chris Hero's tees that are sold at Pro Wrestling Tee's website)

Drew Galloway is booked at Insane Championship Wrestling in Glasgow, Scotland. He's set to defend the ICW World Heavyweight title against Joe Coffey at ICW Barramania.



Chris Hero is wrestling against Tommy End at the next PWG Show.

4/24/2015 & 4/25/2015

Drew Galloway is debuting at Scottish Wrestling Alliance Zero 1 Scotland. No word on who he will be wrestling. Flyer of the show:



PJ Black is debuting in Destiny Wrestling against Brian Cage. Information:


PJ Black is debuting at House of Glory. His opponent is AJ Styles! Information:

5/30/2015 & 5/31/2015

PJ Black is enter at Southside Wrestling Speed King 2015 Tournament.

That is all for now. If there is more, I will update in a new blog.

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