Saturday, March 14, 2015

I am out of the loop because I am waiting to hear from Tim Donst

I am just sitting with my laptop and listen and putting together a video list of Ryan Drago's independent scene days before he is now known as "Quite Manly" Simon Gotch of the tag team The ValluVillans. I am doing this blog entry because I am waiting to hear from Tim Donst. I forgot to update scheduling for Chris Hero, PJ Black, and Drew Galloway...well mostly Chris Hero, since he tweeted his schedule for the rest of this month including tomorrow at Smash Wrestling Any Giving Sunday 3.

The reason why I am waiting for Tim Donst is because I haven't heard if the tumor on his right kidney has got worse or not. I know that this is a very long time. I been very worried about him. I got other things going like my daily regiment of doing my ViSalus shakes and assisting my mother for the annual 5K race which it's next Saturday. I do wanted to go see Tim in Philly, but it's the night before the race and it's just bad. Yeah, I guess I need to explain. Tim is hosting a variety show that was put together by his friend, Jimmy Viola, and since Tim can't wrestle until the tumor is gone, this was the only thing going on. All of the profits are going for a very good cause. The information is on his twitter account.

I will post another entry of my reaction of Tim Donst's blog entry. It's kinda sad of what is going on and my situation could be worse.

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