Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bitcoin gets to be a collegiate football cup and more!

So, I wonder if you heard that two days ago, there was a new bowl, called the Bitcoin Bowl, sponsor by BitPay? Well yeah, this is legit. Two college football teams who played in the new bowl and what is crazy is that it has its own coin for the coin toss and if you wondering, I am certain that it did not had a key to a wallet. It's like how any coin that is use for any bowl. Usually the most of the NCAA football teams are getting in the most promising bowl ever, The Rose Bowl, which is played in the New Year, a month before the NFL's annual bowl of all time, The Super Bowl. I am shock that this digital currency is getting a huge shock of waves.

Not only that, but, Brave New Coin, a news website has reported about the Bitcoin Bowl and also mention of Outlaw Country music star, Shooter Jennings were giving out beer ($3.50) to anyone tweets along with him about Bitcoin during the game by using ChangeTip. He was join by many fans, the Vice President of Community Development at Change Tip, Victoria van Eyk, and WWE Superstar Curtis Axel.

I am surprise to see that there are people come to light of this. I hope that more and more people get to see of Bitcoins.

I should consider giving lessons on how to use Bitcoins and earning them too, but, I need to hash out the details about which sites are good to use. 

If you like that ideal, send me a tip:

Need to learn how to use ChangeTip? Send a tweet to Fresh Grinds (@FreshGrinds) and they will help you. Also tell them me, Lindsie Starr (@MsLindsieStarr) sent you! 



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