Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Stay Strong to you all

Robin Roberts respond my tweet about Leah Still
I am watching ABC news The Year: 2014-A year in review of the ups and down of 2014. I tweeted to Robin Roberts who is one of the news anchors on Good Morning America who is hosting this special. One part of this year was Devon Still and his four year old girl, Leah. Leah is battling a childhood cancer. The Cincinnati Bengals had to give Devon a very special treatment that he won't be traveling to city to city for football games, but, to be part of the practice squad so Devon can be with his daughter for treatments and surgery and selling his jerseys and donate to help all treatment for every child. Every time I see about that cute girl, it reminds me of my time visiting my brother in the hospital most of my childhood during the 1990s. While everyone was hanging with friends and having sleepovers, I was visiting my brother in Philadelphia in the same way that what is going currently with Leah. It was rough, but, I still managed to keep my education. By the time my brother was remission, there were a lot of things going on with me, but, I know there were others too. Sure while I was in school and my brother was getting better, an eighteen year old was starting his pro wrestling career that sixteen years later, I am proud to be his fan. I know a lot of you were doing something in 1998, but, for me I was going to school and was waiting for my brother to be done.

I know one thing is for everyone, no matter what you either you fighting illness like Leah, or whatever you have planned, always know, stay strong. 

Also, have Fighting Spirit.

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