Monday, July 14, 2014

The story that is true: Austin Aries defeats Bobby Roode at TNA Destination X 2012

This keeps me want to break out the puffs tissues and just cry watching this match: Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode at TNA Destination X 2012.

I was looking forward just to watch this match and still think that Roode would had this match, but, I really wanted for Austin Aries to win, because it would prove that he is not like Zema Ion, he was the same realm as AJ Styles. I had done some digging on Austin Aries and learned that he has been a former two time Ring of Honor World Champion (He is the only one, because others had the shot and became champion once) and he does it against two guys who he had great matches: Samoa Joe on December 26th, 2004 (Joe had Jay Lethal in his corner and Aries had Roderick Strong in his corner) and Jerry Lynn on June 13th, 2009. Even though, I only seen one match through YouTube, the TNA pay-per-view was different.

Before the match took place in the main event, Chrissy Hemme interview Austin Aries and he reveal that his mother was watching the pay-per-view:

Then after watching another match, it was time for the main event. I see how Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash talked about it during the match (Before the match Tenay was doing most of the talking and Borash had to announce the main event). This match was indeed nuts:

Everything he done for. Everything he proves that he is the Greatest Man That Ever Lived. He wins the championship. Jeremy Borash had said that Aries' mother would be proud of her son being champion. I started to shed tears that Austin Aries win. He was my favorite on the TNA roster and he is champion. After the pay-per-view ended, Jeremy Borash interview him:

Austin Aries is going at it again...he defeated Seiya Sanada for the TNA X-Division title. Will he defeat Bobby Lashley? Maybe in my opinion.

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