Wednesday, November 19, 2014

TNA Wrestling are morons, Spike TV should go to hell for this. I don't have Destination America and Comcast wants $10 more!

I was just enjoying my afternoon of watching The Chew on ABC and worry about my 63 year old mother who is going have foot surgery to remove a needle point, which she step on and she needs to remove it tomorrow, when I am on my Facebook account and see Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Superstar Rockstar Spud's Facebook page sharing great news, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling is going to Destination America and will continue to air their program, Impact Wrestling, in January 2015. See the article:

I was wondering if I have the network. So, I went to the website and it says that I do with Comcast Xfinity at channel 113. So, as I went to check, I see I don't have it. Now this is not the first time the American cable provider don't have channels that I need with the package. In fact Comcast don't have El Rey Network, which they do provide Lucha Underground. In all of this bullcrap, if I want to watch wrestling, I would have to go to any of the independent wrestling promotions who house, Chris Hero, Tim Donst, Veda Scott, Gregory Iron, Jimmy Jacobs, Eddie Kingston, Chuck Taylor, and any other wrestler who I can think of. Now you all are asking me, Lindsie, why don't you watch WWE? Well, if you want to know, I think this blog entry I did on both Chris Hero and Tim Donst could explain it:

But, I should really add, that the real reason behind of Chris's release is that they did not have anything for him.

But, why is this important to me about where TNA Wrestling ends up? Well, I have more fun, since Dixie Carter and her team brought in Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, and Jessica Havok, but, I won't see them on TV by the new year, due to no researching if every wrestling fan has Destination America. In fact Dixie should have her head in shame, because of this. You know who else should be ashame: The people who are in charge of Destination America, Spike TV, and Comcast. Why? Well, here is the breakdown:

Spike TV: They should resigned their deal with TNA Wrestling and put them back on Thursdays, when they have Bobby Lashley, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, and Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal who are not only part of TNA Wrestling, but, also Bellator, which Spike airs it.

Destination America/Discovery Communications: For picking up TNA Wrestling, without telling them that there viewers don't have their network. There are other channels that could take it because I am sure there are Impact fans have the channels, except for the NBC networks, since they are the ones that have TNA Wrestling's rival, WWE on their USA Network and Syfy Network, which it's owned by NBC Universal.

Comcast: Well, I  had to found out today by one of their analyst (I'm sure this is out of country, since a analyst name is Lady and there is no American goes by that name, unless it's a dog) that I have to pay $10 more to a bill over $100 that my mother is paying for cable, internet, and phone services. This is not what I need to make my mother more angry then what she has.

I could try to tell my mother about this, but, she thinks I watch WWE. I could not come to my senses that there is more then that, but, on top of that, I have not watching WWE program in over a year, because I will not forgive them for releasing Chris and I rather go see him in a building that house a few hundred then go to arena that house few thousand. Maybe I will tell her, when her situation is blew over. I am nearly scared that my mother has to go under the knife and I don't have someone to comfort me. But, when I need to forget something, I turn to watching wrestling.


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