Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I rather spend $90 on a dinner with either Tim Donst or Chris Hero

Hey there. I wonder what are you doing for this holiday season? I know tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I so can't wait to watch the Dunkin Dounuts' Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade on 6ABC with Rick Williams, Cecily Tynan, and also a very cool appearance by Ginger Zee! Yeah, I'm bragging about it! Also, Pro Wrestling Tees is having their Black Friday sale starting today and I should see which tee I want. I think I am getting the "I'm a Tim Donst Girl" or the "Wu Hero" tee. Maybe I should get both. *Laughs crazy*

But, I am not going to crucified Pro Wrestling Tees, due to them tweeting something that really tick me off. Yeah, they tweeted two wrestlers for custom messages. One of them is Austin Aries and the other is Kurt Angle. I check the website and they are asking for a lot. For an Austin Aries message, it's $40 and for an Kurt Angle message it's $50. If you know your easy math (Come on, even kids would know) it's $90 (Plus tax if was added) and for $90, I could buy tees from Pro Wrestling Tees of wrestlers or something else...a dinner on either Tim Donst or Chris Hero. Yeah, I could do that.

But, you are wondering, why do you want to spend money on a dinner with either wrestler or buy tees? I mean getting a message from Austin Aries or Kurt Angle would be nice. Actually no it's not, because Austin Aries is a jerk. I tried to tweet to him and he never respond. I guess you can say that he's rude. As for Kurt Angle, he needs to explain to me and the fans what he did to Chris Hero from two Saturdays ago at Jersey All Pro Wrestling show. All I saw from a vine post by Larry Legend, that Kurt reverse Chris' rolling elbow to an Angle Slam on "The Knockout Artist" and I don't know the whole story. So, until their match in March of 2015, no way I do not want anything from Angle unless he's (as the authority on Impact) announce that (Jessica) Havok gets her rematch against Taryn Terrell for the TNA Knockouts title.

So, that's my rant.

Lindsie Starr

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