Tuesday, December 15, 2015

So, I got this problem and hope to be resolved.

I am listen to a podcast called Get Up On This on my family's computer because my laptop is still being useless because I still need to replace it with the H and J keys. I was listen so much craziness that Jensen Karp is doing with comedian Lindsay Ames and my favorite wrestler, the independent legend, Chris Hero. They are talking about wrestling and so much other stuff. While I was listen to this, I check my g-mail account to see an e-mail from Viggle, an app that listens to music and tv shows for points to hopefully get rewards, tells me that Perk, an app that is so nuts on making points by using many apps like their search engine, which is powered by YAHOO, can let you earn 1 to 50 points or tokens and this screen lock app, which it's only for Android users, which it becomes your lock screen, but you earn tokens and every 5 unlocks, you get points.

However, because of this situation of one app requiring the other, what is going to be happening to my accounts and my points? I freaked out and send a message to both app companies and I hope one of them respond. Because I do not want to lose almost 130,000 points from Viggle! It took for me a while to get to that amount and I will keep using it until I get an answer from them!

If you want to join me on Perk, feel free to click on this link: http://perk.fm/4ec6z

I will make a blog about the Perk apps sometime later.

Lindsie Starr

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