Monday, January 3, 2011

John Cena's injury, Tough Enough 5, and WWE RAW

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 Days ago, I mention about John Cena's injury, before the new year and I got some news. According to my sources, John Cena is a possible that he could not be wrestling and he might show up on  RAW on a weekly basis. What happened was almost a week ago, John Cena had a steel cage match against Wade Barrett as the main event at the RAW house show in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. What I read is that what happened is that when Wade Barrett gone for his finisher, the wasteland, Cena took it as a bad bump and got hurt. As Wade was about to climb the steel cage for a victory, he stop and notice that John was not after him and ended up deciding to give John a chance to catch up to him, by faking to the fans that his leg got caught in the cage. John used the ropes to get himself on his feet and get Wade down and go for a submission and for the victory. About the submission, some reports from my sources believed that Cena used Daniel Bryan's submission hold, the LeBell Lock. What I know is that John Cena might be showing up tonight on RAW.

Speaking about RAW, tonight, The Miz is in action as he defends his WWE Championship title against John Morrison in a falls count anywhere match. So this is going to be crazy and I have a guess that match is going to be the main event, I am not sure, but that could be it. On top of that, whoever wins will be dealing with Randy Orton. Randy said last week that he hopes that the Miz wins tonight, because he wants to face against the Miz. My guess, the 2011 Royal Rumble. There are other things that will go down tonight, but I have no ideal at all.

Another thing to talk about is the 5th season of Tough Enough and this has been talk about through the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) and everyone is wondering, who is going to be in charge? No one knows yet, but the date has been set. The date is set after WWE Wrestlemania 27. However there is another question is that what time will it be? Will it before RAW (8:00pm)? During RAW (9:00pm-11:15pm)? Or even after RAW (11:15pm)? That is one thing that the people need to know as much as they need to know who is going to be in charge as the head trainer. Various reports are saying that WWE are in the early stages of the show. So, nothing much is about it.

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