Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My hashtags on twitter...

If you follow me on twitter (@MissLindsie), you know I am making hashtags and if you want to know what it means, then take a look:

#BarrettBarrage - That means that I am a fan of Wade Barrett.
#CapetownWerewolf - That means that I am a fan of Justin Gabriel.
#WineandWrestling- This means that I like to drink my wine that I like and watch wrestling. Find out more about it on Thursday night.
#DanielBryanisajerk- That means how much I hate Bryan Danielson's character on WWE RAW & Smackdown.
#Family- If you see anything that says family in it, you will know that my family is either making me mad or sad.

That is what I got for now.

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