Sunday, May 21, 2017

Marty Scurll should win New Japan Pro Wrestling Best of The Super Juniors

Hey everyone, long time no see...well, unless you have been on the Wrestling Heads website, I been posting almost daily of the results for mostly New Japan Pro Wrestling Best of the Super Juniors tournament. You are wondering, "Lindsie, why are you doing that? You should be focusing on Chris Hero or Tim Donst" and you are correct in a way, but, I am putting Hero on the back of my mind for now and as for Tim Donst, I am kinda worried about him not being booked since he won the AIW Absolute title for the third time and what's worse, CZW has not booked him too. But, that will be another blog entry. But, I want to talk about Ring of Honor's most unique British import, "The Villain" Marty Scurll and his changes within the last week or so.

If you are watching Ring of Honor or watching and subscribe to Being the Elite, the channel owned by Nick and Matt Jackson, Marty Scurll had became the newest member of the Bullet Club, replacing Adam Cole, who is rumored and maybe be confirmed to be signed to WWE. If you were watching War of the Worlds live or on PPV last Friday and have not seen Being the Elite and have to wonder what was said after Cole was knocked out in New York, you should go watch all 53 episodes of Being the Elite series. I know I said all, but, you need to see how Cole and Scurll got into the series plus you get to see the Young Bucks are on the road and also see Kenny Omega too.

I am sure you are going to be asking me, "Lindsie, I am kinda confused already of what is going on. What does this have to do with Scurll should win Best of the Super Juniors?" and I will tell you. If you did not know, Kenny Omega had declared that Scurll should win the tournament, because, well he helped out the Young Bucks steer away from Adam Cole per say of Being the Elite episode 52. Yeah, I know that is a spoiler, but, it's really what happened. I feel that watching Scurll for what I can see on either his time in Evolve Wrestling or being currently in Ring of Honor, Scurll is sure to win. I have no objection if anyone else who is in the tournament should win, but, since Will Ospreay, Kushida, and Ricochet, the past three winners of the Best of the Super Juniors are in it, I feel this could be bad, but then again, Jushin Thunder Liger is in the tournament, who won three times under three different years before 2010s decade began, which the last one he won was in 2001. But, I don't think Liger would win, because he had his third straight loss to Scurll as of this time of me doing this blog. However, since B Block has not their third match as of yet, but, if I would think there might be a favor to this would be ACH to make it to the finals and go up against Scurll in a British vs. American match in front of fans of New Japan could be a ROH PPV match.

Anyway, I am really favoring Scurll and because the time I was tweeting on a match he had against Johnny Gargano, despite he lost, Marty notice and like what I said. By the way, it was Evolve.

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