Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Real Abuse vs. Fake Abuse

Note: I do not condone abuse. It is not humane and it is wrong. I want to state the difference between the two.

A lot of things are going on within the last 24 hours or so since I find out that Saraya-Jade Bevis, otherwise known as the raven hair WWE Diva, Paige, has got abuse from her fiancee, Alberto Rodriguez, otherwise known as Alberto El Patron in TNA, formally Alberto Del Rio of his time in WWE. Several reports from Ryan Satin, who founded and owns Pro Wrestling Sheet says that Alberto has been investigated by Orlando police and TNA Wrestling says that they are investigating this too. A witness, who is a fan of the 24 year old, says that Alberto was doing coke (not soda, drugs) and was being abusive to Saraya-Jade. There is a plea by her brothers, Zak and Roy, who says a lot that they want their sister back and they know that what he done. Zak also says that his sister had this happen before with another wrestler, Brad Maddox.

I know this is heartbreaking. This is real. This is happening to a young woman.

However, what is going on with me?

I was being accused of abuse by my father.

He claims that I force my mother to mow the lawn and calls me a lazy bad person. I got upset when he e-mail me this. He feels this is abuse and he does his fatherly duty to straighten me out.

However, this is 100% false.

You see, my mother tells me that her side of the story is that she wanted to check the lawn mower has gas in it. I was not forcing her. I was mostly was doing YouTube. Playing Minecraft and vlogging on how I caught my brother not telling the truth, since he did not finish mowing the lawn. It was simple really, went outside as I was told to get the recycle bin from the sidewalk to bring back to the yard to close to the house. That is when I turn around and see it. I told my mother. She confronting him.

My mother told me that my father just drove by and have not said a word. He sees what he sees and then falsely accuse me of abuse.

I was so upset. I told my mother. She was not happy of what he said. She told me to delete the e-mail as he was pushing my buttons as what she says.

You know as this means messing my emotions or triggering me.

I would never force someone. I would die then force. It's not me. So, because of that hate my father use on me by making some fake abuse, I made this poem, which I did record it:

I was upset that my father would accuse me of this, but, at the end of this, I know I had to put it in a positive light by what my goals are after I talk who I enjoy on YouTube and somehow the three names I thought about, was on my mind, since I wanted to see two of them, who are gamers, which both do Minecraft, which one does other games and the other does Roblox, and the third is part of a YouTube series that has 100k of subs and not to mention that he is also a pro wrestler and the inaugural IWGP United States Champion.

I know that the real situation of the abuse coming from Saraya-Jade is not healthy and it's terrible. I hope she gets away from Alberto and be with her family. Especially since her uncle is dying.

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