Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Have a Dream: 50 years of the speech that led to equal rights for everyone.

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the most infamous speech that took place in Washington, DC, USA, The "I Have a Dream" that was told by Civil Rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It been going strong, but, a lot of people are still feel some people who are not taking of the ways of racial that should be stop. I am glad to have friends who are here, because of this. Friends like Dominique, who is born to a dark brown skin mother and a tan skin father (This is the best of what I can say, I am not being a racist). If the speech never happen, Dominique and her brother would never exist. Another friend, Naomi, she's my friend and she has a crush on WWE Superstar, Justin Gabriel. If the speech never happen, I would treat her very badly as my parents would force me too.

I am proud to work with people who comes from a huge background. From Africa to Asia. From England to Italy. Any place around the world, I respect. But, not only those who have a background, but I respect those who are what they are, weather be straight, Bi-sexual, Gays (& Lesbians), and transsexual. Because they too could want a relationship like my friend Dominique's parents have.

All of what people have, we are glad that we live in a society that we treat people as equal. There are some who are not well taken it, because they were raised by parents who told them to treat their own skin with respect and others not with respect. It really makes me sick for those who can. If we can't get along, then what will happens to everyone? I feel that we need to treat everyone.

All around the world knows about this American history date and they too are shared for equal rights.

To live on his dream, is what his children has done. To everyone with listen to the speech will understand. Yolanda King, the only granddaughter of the man who brought the nation under equal rights, will continue the legacy her grandfather, her father, her aunts, have been doing for years.

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