Thursday, August 29, 2013

Photographers vs. Fan photos/True wrestling paintings vs. fan wrestling painting

I am here on a MAJOR topic. I have been a very angry mood, due to photos of WWE NXT shows that has been taking by fans, which shows me that they only care for their favorite NXT Superstar and/or Diva. It's really sad that they can't take photos of the whole show. With that said, they take photos and they post it on twitter. However there are photographers. One in specifically, Joe Hrycych, has been taken photo of WWE NXT shows and he does not take his favorites, but, the whole entire show. He is not just doing it for himself, but for everyone who wants to see. I really respect Joe for what he has done. It really makes me smile a whole lot just to know how Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno to the WWE Universe) is doing. I know that wrestling news websites are waiting for photos on twitter, but, I had to share the photos from last week's NXT show to my friend Karl and explain to him that Joe is excellent on what he can do.

Now, there is fans who are in painting or drawing of their favorite WWE Superstar and/or Diva and it just makes me feel iffy on some. One fan, who I block on twitter, but, I won't mention their name, has done a minimal of art on subject of their favorite WWE Superstars, Antonio Cesaro (Claudio Castagnoli), Seth Rollins (Tyler Black), Dean Ambrose (John Moxley), and Roman Reigns. I seen it and I feel it's not good, because I don't see how it good to in compare to Rob Schamberger, extraordinary wrestling artist, who done paintings of not just WWE Superstars and Divas, but, NXT Superstars and Divas, Pro Wrestling legends, TNA Wrestling Superstars and Knockouts, and independent wrestlers. His painting start at $100 and prints start at $25 on his store. Some of Rob's work of wrestlers that I really like are the following:
Austin Aries
Beth Phoenix
Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno)
Mitsuharu Misawa
Tyler Black (Seth Rollins)

All of these work by Rob Schamberger is on his website:

Now there is another artist, current TNA Superstar Sam Shaw, has been doing wicked drawings. If you follow him on twitter (@RealSamShaw), he post a photo with his e-mail. I don't know how much he is asking for, but, if you do, please tell me. His works so far are some WWE Superstars and some TNA Superstars. I am going to be a sly devil and admit that I would like to see if Sam would draw Austin Aries and Chris Hero from PWG show Ninety-nine, where Chris defended the PWG World title against Austin Aries back in April 2009, just a few months before Austin Aries beat Jerry Lynn for the ROH World Championship.

Bottom line, I have respect for people who can do more than their favorites.

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