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Fashionable ways...the 15 years of Chris Hero (WWE's own Kassius Ohno)

Author note: This blog is going to describe about the ring gears and outfits of international independent pro wrestling star, Chris Hero, who is currently in his second year in WWE as Kassius Ohno. 

I thought about it for a while and after looking at the tweet of Kassius Ohno, which he posted a photo of himself (On Saturday, while I am on my recovery of an ear ache), I decided to make a blog about it. For those who really don't know him prior to WWE, well you are going to enjoy this. Since next month is going to be the 15 year of him being in pro wrestling is really a rare sight, but, lets look on how he came to be. To begin, yes, he was not known as Kassius Ohno, because he has that name for like a year, but, you are wondering, who was he before then? Well he was known as Chris Hero. He rose to what he was known, until last year when he signed with WWE. But, this is not just his career, but, his style of what he wears in the ring and out of the ring.

I don't know what he wore around September of 1998, but, this video that I will show you of what he look like in 2001/2002. It's a music video of Chris at his worse. Heck let me give you the details from Chris' YouTube account on this music video he put up:

In 2001/2002, Dave Prazak agreed to make a music video for me. I handed over almost all of the footage I had. Months later I got a VHS in the mail labeled "CHRIS HERO MUSIC VIDEO". This is the result. A masterpiece comprised of bloopers and footage of me getting my ass handed to me. The promotions featured in this video include IWA Mid South, PWX/NWA East and IWW in Germany. The wrestlers featured include Cuefa the Flyin Hawaiian, Corporal Robinson, Hyzaya, Shark Boy, Harry Palmer, Suicide Kid, Ian Rotten, Colt Cabana (throwing Gold Bond powder in my eyes), Vince Kaplack, 2 Tuff Tony, Logan Caine, Orion, Michael Kovac, Phil Powers, Bernard Vandamme, Sensei, Samu, Brandon K, Jayden Draigo, Todd Morton, Ace Steel, Mark Wolf (as a referee) and my lovely valet Breeze. 

So much funny footage including the worst bump I've taken in my 13+ year career. Thanks to @jfnb1 for finding the video! Enjoy.
So, like he said, enjoy this video:

Well, in this music video that was put together by Dave Prazak, Chris had short hair and you can tell he was actually growing it back. Also, in the video you can see that Chris wore pants, a shirt, usually it's the Superman logo, but sometimes you can see that he has an "X" on it. Sometimes he doesn't have a t-shirt, but a singlet with the pants he is wearing. I am sure that he is wearing sneakers, but he might be wearing wrestling boots. He does have elbow pads too. I would say that Chris had this look of sort of a high school teen boy in 2001, but, Chris is around 21 to 23 in the video. By the time around 2003 to 2006, Chris has evolve to more of what he was around 2001/2002. Chris has his hair growing, he did gain weight, but, he has new ring gear which of his own logo, sort of the Superman logo, but, with the letters, "CH" that stands for his name, Chris Hero for his t-shirt. His pants when he is wrestling has his wrestling surname, Hero. Also, it should be noted that Claudio Castagnoli and some other wrestlers, who were in part of the stable, The Kings of Wrestling (or whoever was associated with Chris) has pants that has the surname Hero. I don't know what's the deal with it, but you can ask either Chris or Claudio. When Chris was not wrestling, usually he wear his t-shirts or a muscle t-shirt with blue jeans. I seen that in this music video:

Okay, that video also shows clips from 2007. Chris has evolve again. Chris has this time have his t-shirt to more better, but he also has a newer version of his logo to suit his time in Ring of Honor. He also has these long wrestling tights. By the time in the summer of 2009, Chris finally go ahead and wear the short wrestling tights with his logo on it. It was more of his style. Also as the months go by, Chris also applied to his ring gear, a sleeve, to what he like to use, the rolling elbow, mostly to help cover his elbow pad. Now into that, Chris would wear either a muscle tee or a jacket with a hood when he comes out. You can see it in this video:

If you seen his promos with Claudio Castagnoli, Chris always look layback or sort of a rockstar. Compare to Claudio, Chris is very different in a way you would have to see. Well, we can use this promo from Ring of Honor when the Kings of Wrestling are in their second reign as tag team champions on their longest reign ever in Ring of Honor. Now, I will tell you that Chris is wearing a purple t-shirt and he has a black pinstripe button shirt in this video, but, I will tell you more later about his current looks:

When, Chris signed to appear in Jeff Katz's failed wrestling promotion, Wrestling Retribution Project, as Chris Hyde, the only thing that Chris Hero wear was a leather jacket, since Katz did a smart thing to let Chris keep his ring gear. Here is the photo of Chris with the leather jacket:

When Chris signed with WWE last year, he really kept much of his looks, but, he had to have new ring gear, due to WWE giving him his WWE name, Kassius Ohno, which I say it's sort of stupid. Now, I heard from some sources, especially from Chris himself, that some of his ring gear (Green & Camouflage) are from In-Ring Designs, but there are some others (red, sky blue, yellow, and orange) are not from In-Ring Designs. I don't know as much of what I can tell you. Now, besides that, sometime around the NXT tapings last  August (or September) & December and some from months ago, Chris has develop in something more suitable towards his age. If you watch the episodes from October 2nd, 2012, January 16th, 2013, March 28th, 2013, and April 4th, 2013 of NXT, you should notice about Chris' outfits. He is wearing button shirts, black pants (or gray, in one episode where he was on commentary with Tom Philips and Brad Maddox, before William Regal assaulted Chris), black shoes, and sometimes a jacket (only two episodes he did) or the episode of when WWE decided to have an episode of NXT subjecting the road to Wrestlemania, Chris wore a black vest, while he wore a red button shirt. You can see that in these screen shots I done:

So, Chris has change throughout the years. Here are some photos of him in his days to now:

And, finally, before I wrap this up. I present to you, this photo of Chris, straight from his twitter account (@KassiusOhno):

Yeah, he is pulling off the Dolph Ziggler look...sort of. But, he is handsome. ^_^

Well, I hope you like this. That is what I can sum up. Sure, Chris has a stellar career as a tag team champion with Claudio Castagnoli or as a singles champion...I should mention that he is the only one who currently had held the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship for 425 days in his only reign. 

Well before I go, I leave you one music video:

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