Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Randy Orton & Big E. Langston got attack by a fan

I just saw on my twitter account that WWE Superstar Randy Orton and somehow WWE Superstar Big E. Langston got attack by a fan after the match. Randy just finished beating Big E. when out of nowhere a fan or according to this video title, a staff, tried to attack Randy Orton. Security had to come in and get the guy out of the ring, but the guy even tried to go after Big E. Here is the video (It's starts at 1:24 and it's on the sideways):

Now this is not the only wrestler happened. Another wrestler, current TNA Superstar, Austin Aries has been a victim too of these wild fan attacks. What happened was that I came across a video on tumblr and found out that two fans attack Aries, when Aries was in Ring of Honor Wrestling and being their World Champion (It's Aries second reign and he is only the one who does it so) in 2009. Now the incident was filmed for a TV Show for Tru TV. Now I am not sure about this to be true enough, but a YouTube user named masterj22 explain the details about it, since it was him and a friend of his were the ones who provoke Aries.

This is the video of me and Macus vs Austin Areas and ROH security guard Zack. you all know the out come for me, a broken jaw in two locations and some pay back 6 months l8er and free tickets to the year anniversary this Saturday the 19th, make sure to check out the event on go fight live.
 here is an artical from http://www.pwinsider.com/article/4255...
Zach Yeager, the head of ROH security, is among those featured in the new TruTV reality series "All Worked Up." I caught an episode tonight featuring Yeager attempting to prevent "fans" from attacked Austin Aries following a show in Toronto, only to end up with Aries punching one of the fans out. I am pretty sure at least an aspect of this is worked (I am told the punch from Aries was a shoot, however). In any event, it was entertaining as hell. Maybe Ronnie Lang can guest star as Yeager's mentor figure? You can find out more on the series and see a bio on Yeager athttp://www.trutv.com/shows/all_worked_up
Apparently, this video was posted three years ago. It seems that masterj22 has a comment from another YouTube user, RealHealyReel, who is in fact Austin Aries, has to say about the video:

Listen to the Colt Cabana Podcast. AA admits that while some of TruTV may not be so true he says that those fat marks weren't supposed to get physical with him and those punches were r.e.a.l! Don't feed the animals. Don't touch the wrestlers.
Well, what Aries is saying is that he wanted everyone to listen to the Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana podcast, Episode 20, where Aries told Cabana about it. So here is the video:

In the video, the two dudes not only went to harasses Aries in the video, they also harass some of the other wrestlers including current WWE NXT Superstar Kassius Ohno, who was once known as the infamous Chris Hero, who was at the time was about to reunited with Claudio Castagnoli to reform the Kings of Wrestling.

I can't get episode 20 of the Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana. It seems that it's been removed. But, to get the episode, you need to go to DigitalColt.com to purchase the episode.

Speaking about Chris Hero, he has been also been a victim too. In this video, Chris and another wrestler, Harry Smith (current WWE Diva Natalya's cousin) had a fan attack either before, during, or after their match. You can check the video out:

Okay, I got an update from WWE's twitter account. There is a link to it. They said a fan attack Randy Orton and the fan is arrested and the local police are investigating the matter after they saw the video has been posted on YouTube. Also, it stated that Randy has suffer injuries, but it's unknown. Here is the link to it: http://www.wwe.com/inside/randy-orton-attacked-by-audience-member-26136332

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