Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just to clarified...

Last month, I made a blog entry about CM Punk at Payback:

When I saw CM Punk returning at Payback, he was going for the Wolverine (Marvel's X-Men) look, but, I feel he was more looking like Austin Aries per say 2011. I know what everyone thinks, but, it's what I am thinking of. It's just freaking me out, but we will see how Punk will be of the rest of this year.

Well Austin Aries have done something recently (Source: Austin Aries twitter profile):

Oh, he also tweeted this to those who think Aries steal Punk's style:

I hate to be right. I am such on a roll...okay, I will explain that I had to figure out that a while back, Suicide beat Chris Sabin for the X-Division title, however Hogan wants to know, because the one who was suppose to play Suicide, T.J. Perkins, got jumped. After reading a tweet, I tweeted that I smell a vegetarian rat...or is he vegan. I guess that it was Aries and I was right. 

To be honest, I did not read any spoilers or I DM Austin Aries. 

Okay, that second one is suppose to be funny.

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