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Is there a possibility for a fourth member of the Shield?

I was so bad enough to read a spoiler from the NXT tapings, since I miss watching it, because of Kassius Ohno has not been on for like I believe nearly a month. But, however since I was so find out from my twitter timeline why The Shield was at NXT and mostly why Dean Ambrose faced against the two time NXT Tag Team Champion, Adrian Neville. So, I found part of a spoiler that I shared with my two friends on twitter Naomi and Domi. We all think about that's possible (or not) that the Shield could have a fourth member. Well if you don't believe me, I give you an piece of the spoiler that I shared with my friends (Source is unknown):

Corey Graves with Adrian Neville beat Scott Dawson with Sylvester Lefort. The Shield came out after the match and said they are back at NXT. Ambrose says Neville stole Kassius Ohno’s spot and calls it an injustice, challenging Neville to a match.  Neville accepts for next week but wants the US Title on the line.

A lot of questions are need to be answer and I can come up with a few. 

Here is what they are:

1. Why is the Shield return to NXT?
2. Why is it that Dean Ambrose defending Kassius Ohno, despite I never recall The Shield defend any Superstar, including the NXT roster, namelessly, Kassius Ohno.
3. Why did Dean wants to face against Adrian Neville?
4. Why did Adrian want Dean to put the WWE US Title on the line?

I am going to be honest, this isn't the first time that Dean would do anything for himself or anyone. I came across a video a while back from three years ago titled, The Champ confronts Hero (You can search it on YouTube to see it). It is from the Philadelphia-based wrestling promotion, Combat Zone Wrestling. In it, Dean Ambrose, then known as John Moxley, who was at the time the CZW World Heavyweight Champion, confronts Kassius Ohno, then known as Chris Hero, about why he could not deal with the opponent that Hero faced and who would be challenging Moxley for CWZ World Heavyweight title, Egotistico Fantastico. Hero states that if Fantastico can beat him, he was sure that Fantastico can beat Moxley. Moxley was pretty sure upset about it after what Hero said.

I know your wondering why does this relate to what's going on. Well I was giving you some kind of ideal about it, and it may have to do with tomorrow night's WWE Pay-per-view, Money in the Bank. The pre-show for tomorrow sets up a tag team match between The WWE Tag Team Champions, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns of The Shield vs. Jimmy and Jey Uso. I spoke to my friend Valentyna about this (as I do this) that the Shield will retain the titles with the help of Dean Ambrose, but he might not be alone. It's possible that a fourth member could debut during the pre-show and I know who it is. Valentyna  agrees with me on this as much as Naomi, but Domi will come to her senses, when the fourth member could be none other then Kassius Ohno. I am saying this, because of what it could be a night that no one will forget. But, I don't think that during the Pay-per-view will Dean Ambrose win, because he is the US Champion. I will however will be rooting on for someone else.

I want to thank Valentyna for giving me this ideal to do it, since she put a piece together on why Wade Barrett should be winning Money in the Bank. I recommend you read it:

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