Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kassius Ohno, Austin Aries, Lita

Kassius Ohno
I was told by my friend on twitter, Karl, that Kassius Ohno had some kind of injury during the last tapings of NXT, but, I haven't heard much on it, due to the fact that I haven't read it in. However, since Thursday Night (July 18th), Kassius was seen at the live NXT shows. About more then a week ago, Kassius was seen at the WWE Performance Center Press Conference with Adrian Neville and a recent signee, Independent wrestling star, Sami Callihan (I seen some photos that he was in Dragon Gate USA with Jimmy Jacobs and Austin Aries and he was on an episode of a YouTube show hosted by Rhett Titus). In my last entry titled, "Is there a possibility for a fourth member of the Shield?" I stated that Kassius Ohno could be there as the newest member, but I quickly got so much confused about it, since he tweeted to someone, which shows signs that he was still in Florida and not Philadelphia. However, I still got a vibe about it and I don't know what the creative plans for him. It's possible that if he was suppose to debut on the main roster, it could be between after Summerslam, but before Survivor Series. If there is a plan for Kassius capturing NXT gold, I say make it at the next tapings in August. I think he can be NXT Champion, since the creative threw us a curve ball and crap of a chance for Kassius Ohno to be NXT Tag Team Champion with Corey Graves, instead we get Adrian Neville. But, creative could give us Leo Kruger and Kassius Ohno for a NXT Tag Team Title run.

Don't get any ideals about Antonio Cesaro and Kassius Ohno being NXT Tag Team Champs. WWE might open a can of worms and offend Sara Del Ray and Shane Hagadorn. 

I think with a recent photo from the July 18th NXT show, Kassius is showing signs that he is still the same healthy weight, but I may need to see more photos of him.

Austin Aries

I wanted to add from my last entry, "Just to clarified..." Austin Aries sans the mustache, is not the second time he did it. This is actually the third time he did it, since the first time he did in Ring of Honor in 2008. Aries was going though a sort of Gothic phase to a rock star phase, where Aries had the long hair and it was sometime around spring or summer of 2008 during his feud against Jimmy Jacobs, he shaved the mustache off. I would admit that him with long hair and the mustache shaved off, it brings out sort of a sex appeal, but that was 2008. But, what I said in my last entry is true, but, I wanted to add upon what you saw on Impact is that this is the third time Aries shaved off his mustache.


There is news surrounding WWE Legend, Lita, saying that her fans worry about her on Facebook. A hardcore punk band, 7 Seconds, post on their Facebook, that something "shitty and difficult" she is going through. I am not sure if it's her or something or someone in her personal life, but I will check in about it with my sources. I have respect her when she dominated the Divas division and having the best feuds with certain divas and superstars, namelessly, Trish Stratus, John Cena, and capturing the women's championship four times. I came across a video of a tag team match Lita had outside of WWE sometime around 2007, with Jerry Lynn against TNA Wrestling Knockout Chrissy Hemme and TNA Wrestling Superstar Austin Aries (At that time, A Double was known as Austin Starr). Lita and Jerry Lynn beat the two, before Lynn would face against Aries around two years later in New York City for the Ring of Honor World Championship that Lynn had before losing it to Aries. I am not sure what is going on with Lita, but, I hope we know by then.

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