Friday, January 6, 2017

Am I going to back watching WWE?

My friend Skits is going to be wondering. My friends Valentyna and Anne haven't said anything as of yet and I am going to get yelled at by my mother and I am glad that no one called the police last night, but, you all are wondering, Are you Lindsie Starr going to be watching WWE again?

I don't know. I need to sort this mess up. I need answers on why this happen. If you are subscribed to me on YouTube or follow me on twitter, last night I went to live stream on YouNow and broke down in tears and look like I was dress for a funeral or being a goth child, but, I am hurt. I was going to vlog about my day that it was going so well, because I had a nice breakfast, lunch, and dinner, enjoyed watching some of my favorite YouTubers like Austin Creed and Jordan Maron, but, as I was enjoying yogurt and watching a new episode of The Blacklist, my twitter notification went off and it was Chris...okay, I am so lost with the names now, but, for the sake of me, I am calling him by his real name and most of you are going to be livid at me and I know he will too, but, I am in a mess, Chris Spradlin, tweeted that he is back in WWE and from there both my Twitter and Facebook are going nuts, because Chris is back and I don't know how to explain this further, but, it seems that he will be going after New Japan Pro Wrestling legend and current NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. It is two legends of Japan and the United States will go at it. Anyone says otherwise is an idiot.

If you don't believe me or seen the stream, well this would help:

Not only I see this, but, my mind starts to race with the fashion choice and wanted me to know is why Chris are you wearing a tie? Did Claudio Castagnoli help you? Have your mother told you? Or is it that you know that I like Jordan Maron and you saw my likes on Instagram and saw of him wearing a suit? Or is it because of HIM? Yes, the tweet above. Either way, I want to just see you and if I have to use a sledge hammer to get to you, so be it!

Almost four years ago, I cried that they released him. Now it's happening again, because of his return. I am totally in a mess.

Anyway, I will be further talking about this in a upcoming stream and I will consult my mother, because I don't know if we are going to go back to Florida in the spring and if we are, I will let you all know. I am sure it won't be happening around Wrestlemania, likely after.

Stay awesome my fam.

Lindsie Starr

Ps. Read my blog back in 2013:

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