Friday, October 16, 2015

Chris Hero not arriving at the Global League due to visa issue, Tim Donst's birthday, and so more...

I should done it as word got out, but a certain wrestler won't confirmed it. What am I talking about? Japan...who issues.

Yeah, if you don't get that, it's Chris Hero who would or would not make it to the tournament, because my source, Puroresu Spirit says that he has visa issues, but, I wanted to him to confirmed it, but, I did not ask, because, put it in a way to understand me, my heart skips a beat like AJ Lee comes out when she used to, bad ideal...if you know a better one, please send me a tweet...yeah. I don't know if this is true, but, I will go check on Twitter under the hashtag #noah_ghc. I do want to say that Puroresu Spirit said that he will be there. I really hope so.

Okay, I am not done being so nervous. Yes, because there is another thing that's making me so nervous, yet, I would do it anyway...heh. You see tomorrow is Tim Donst's 28th birthday and he's wrestling tonight at AIW Big Trouble in Little Cleveland in Our Lady of Mount Carmel,which it is in Cleveland. Tim will be wrestling against Louis Lyndon. If you want to know who Louis Lyndon is, he's related to Flip Kendrick...I believe twin brothers. I heard it from one of the AIW shows I really have, so please, don't get mad at me! Back to Tim. So, if you are going to AIW show, wish him a happy birthday, and if he ask, tell him it's me, Lindsie Starr.

But, if you can't make it, my suggestion is send Tim Donst a tweet tomorrow. He will be surprised. I am, because I owe him after sending him one for my birthday...heh, trying to fit like my friend Domi who is really liking Seth Rollins the WWE Champion.

Okay, speaking about WWE and also WWNLive, for those who started the rumors, your 15 minutes are up and you need to leave. I don't want it, unless I hear it from Gabe Sapolsky. For those who are wondering, there is a rumor that ends up being true, that Gabe Sapolsky and Triple H has an agreement that there will be much of a talent exchange, since it already started with Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa entering the WWE NXT Dusty Rhodes Memorial Tag Team Tournament and it will continue with Sami Zayn making an appearance at Evolve 49 and 50. For those who are going to take the story that is going around, it is Zayn's first appearance, but it is more like, his first appearance without the mask. You see, if you know who Sami Zayn was, you know he was once El Generico, and even though there were rumors to be said that the mask wrestler did retired, but, since I got so crazy sources, really counteract it, since it was revealed that he was spotted at the old FCW arena teaming most likely with Adam Rose and Chris Hero about a few years ago, when Rose was being crazy and Chris was really trying to continue his ways of what he done in the past, but, more evolved.

Also, don't blame me, because, a website that is a huge database of wrestlers around the world, and they got everything down. So, they are my backup of proof:

Yes, so, I could be in trouble, but, don't blame me. Cagematch has proof. If you want to know, click that link above, go to matches to page two and scroll down. Last time Sami Zayn was in Evolve was Evolve 18 as El Generico.

I know, I said too much. But, you are wondering, what does that means with those who are in the WWN Live and those who are in other companies? Well, I am really sure that TNA is really letting go as much, since they are hanging by a thread, so, unless those wrestlers leave, it's a no. As, for those who are not committed, I am sure they are fine, but it is the matter of Chris Hero, since I know from sources, that Chris and Gabe are friends and I am really highly angry at Triple H for releasing Chris, so it's up in the air, which I am sure Gabe will book Chris at the next Evolve show, maybe tag team action with WWE's Cesaro? Yeah, I am pushing it, a Kings of Wrestling reunion at Evolve, so sue me! Yes, Cesaro would be wrestling by his real name, Claudio Castagnoli. Maybe six man tag if they add Wade Barrett. Oh dear, there goes the neighborhood.

Maybe, I need to pull back a little with the bookings and let Gabe handle it. Anyway, Evolve 49 and 50 are taking place tomorrow and Sunday.

Thanks for reading!

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