Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It is not worth it to be a spammer.

So, more than twelve hours ago, I tried this experiment of what it was like to be a spammer by sending out tweets of links that lead to a website called Twitika and it did not much go nowhere. Sadly, I only made $0.02, which it was only two clicks. I felt not happy about it. I was thinking, trying to build it, I would get clicks, but, I guess I need a lot of followers who would do it. But, before you all get mad at me saying I did not use my twitter account, yes, I did not. I made another one, since I do got another e-mail. I did not want to use my real twitter account, because a lot of people are really going to be really afraid I got hacked, including my friends, since we do hate spammers following us.

It was so awful sending out tweets. I don't know how people do this? I only got two strange accounts retweet some links and I got a few favor the links, but I got two clicks. Despite what I done, it was impossible to get the $100 cashout, which you need 10,000 clicks. I am thinking that I did not make my experimental twitter handle more fake and attractive or something like it. I don't know if I would like to do it again.

It feels like greed.

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