Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween from Lindsie Starr and costumes from wrestlers!

Happy Halloween everyone! I am hoping everyone is having a good one. I know I am. But, I want to share pictures from some of the wrestlers who are part taking in the holiday. You can tell me who you like by sending me a tweet: @MsLindsieStarr

Okay, first is Tim Donst as Doug Funny as Quailman:

You can see Tim had it homemade.

Next is Candice LeRae as...Johnny Gargano? Yes, it is true. You can tell that Gargano was kinda mad, but, I think he likes it:

 Next we have my favorite tag team exclusive to Pro Wrestling NOAH, BIG IN USA! The guys are in NOAH's tournament, Global League Wars, which Chris Hero has score 8 points and Colt Cabana score 4 points. So, today they did not wrestle, but, decided to have fun as Takoman (Hero) and Ikaman (Cabana):

 Of course we can't forget about Jessicka Havok and her loverboy, Solomon Crowe. It seems that Jessicka dress as the Joker and Solomon dress as Harley Quinn:

Of course, Jessicka did not only got a photo with Solomon, but, also Athena Reese who dress as Pikachu from Pokemon:

I say I really like them. Out of all of them, I do say...nah, it is so mean of me.

Okay, I got one! You can say I am a goth child.

Well, until next time.

Lindsie Starr

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