Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I am so marking out with pure insanity. I am in shock. You are wondering in your mind, What is Lindsie Starr is talking about?

Absolute Intense Wrestling's upcoming show Hell on Earth XI got really serious, because of this sick match...

If you all think this is the first time, try again. This is almost two years in the making, since the last time these two went at it was at Dead Presidents, the December 2013 show, which yours truly got it and downloaded it from Smart Mark Video last year in January and I was shock that both men went end to end. As you guys and gals will know, Donst has been victorious in his AIW matches since he got his tumor removed and was not seeking any further treatment. I know Donst defeated Nick Gage and Bob Holly and going up against his former trainer who is currently in Japan for Pro Wrestling NOAH Global League, will be crazy, but, things has change. Almost two years ago, Chris was out of WWE and he was in his WWE shape and Tim was kinda in shape, but, now, Chris is in his comfortable shape and Tim, well, if you seen him in AIW or CZW, you would know. 

But, I am sure, like Dead Presidents, my guys will steal the show. After all, it's going to be AWESOME! 

I do mean it. Gregory Iron and Veda Scott in the ring was my second favorite part from Dead Presidents, especially with Benjamin Boone gives Gregory a flower to give to Veda, but Chris and Tim stole the show. 


Until next time,
Lindsie Starr

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