Monday, November 30, 2015

Qriket: An fun way to make money

Hello my friend,

I am here to tell you about a cool making money app called Qriket! I know because I made money so far and you can too. NOTE: ONLY TO THE US AND CANADA! Sorry to everyone else. You need to take that up with Jonny. You will need a few things to get started!:

1. You will need a smart phone and go to either the App Store if you have iOS or Google Store if you have Android and type Qriket! The icon you are looking for should look like this:

2. You will need to sign up, but you will need my referral code 5SANR7 to get you 25 spins and you will need a Paypal account, which you can on the website But, you won't need it now until you reach $5.

3. You will need a Twitter account and a Periscope account. Why? Well you need to follow the man who is the face of Qriket, Jonny Compareilli on twitter @JComparel and also Qriket on twitter @Qriket. Also, you will need to add Jonny on Periscope, which it should be the same as his twitter account.

The reason why you need to do that is every week or so Jonny give away Spin Codes. You will find them up on the right comer of the app. It is a small wheel and a banner. That will you show you your spin codes and I believe that will be for my referral code goes. Also there is a Spin Locator. Spin Locators are stores and restaurants that have Qriket Spin Codes, but, you need to spend money to get a code. I am sure most stores in the US and Canada that you need to collect 1 spin for every $1. That way, when you get it, you have a chance to win back the money you spend on. I heard from the last few Periscopes, Jonny is going to try to get more stores and restaurants in the near future.

You spin your wheel that is on the main screen. Choose either blue or gold and see if you win $.05 to $1. Once you use your 25 spins, come back daily for 7 spins by watching videos.

Also, send a tweet to Jonny that you joined Qriket from me, Lindsie Starr!

So, that's it. I hope you enjoy it and good luck!

Lindsie Starr

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(Update): If you live in Toronto and if your phone number area code is (416) or (647) and share your referral code to someone also from Toronto you will get $2 per referral.

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