Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Madness and Wrestling

Okay, this is mostly going to be about wrestling, but, it's 3 days before Thanksgiving and I do want to give thanks to everyone who knows me to those who make me smile. I know it's cheesy, but, it's all I know. But, I do want to get a few things off my chest.

One: Santana Garrett wins the Wonder of Stardom title

I follow Santana Garrett on twitter and she tweeted that she wins the Wonder of Stardom title in a title for title match against Io Shirai. Garrett puts her National Wrestling Alliance World Women's Championship on the line and successfully retain it as well winning the Wonder of Stardom title. I tweeted to the lady warrior congratulations and she liked it.

Two: Benjamin Boone is injured and won't be wrestling

Gregory Iron maybe down one of his guys as Benjamin Boone is injured with a broken left hand, which Benjamin tweeted an x-ray of a small fracture. Benjamin did not said how much time, but, I am believing it could be a few weeks, but, don't get mad at me, I am not a medical student, but, I seen a lot of broken bones and I know to have a few in my life.

Three: Tim Donst vs. Joe Gacy at CZW Cage of Death is an I Quit match

This past Saturday, Tim Donst was suppose to be wrestling against Joe Gacy, but from my sources who were either at the show or watching it online, tweeted that the match was a No Contest due to both men could not get it started. Because of it, the two men will go at it again next month at Cage of Death in a I Quit match.

Now for the main reason, I know that Chris Hero is wrestling this weekend with the first show on Thanksgiving night at IWA Mid-South in Clarksville, Indiana. Chris will be wrestling against "Big" Russ Jones in a Hoss Battle:

Card of Chris Hero vs. "Big" Russ Jones at IWA Mid-South on Thanksgiving night

I know that there is one other promotion who has the Hoss Battle and that is where Chris is going to be on Black Friday, Absolute Intense Wrestling. I know that Chris is not going to be doing it, because, well this match is actually a rematch from AIW Dead Presidents. Chris will be wrestling at AIW Hell on Earth 11 against the man I mention before, Tim Donst, in Cleveland, Ohio:

Card for Chris Hero vs. Tim Donst at AIW Hell on Earth 11

 I know about this and I don't play favorites for neither man, because I respect to them both. It's going to be interesting, yet again. I will plug this in: If you want to see their first encounter, go to Smart Mark Video or

But, that's not all, Chris will be in Chicago, Illinois, Saturday, for AAW Windy City Classic 11 against Pentagon Jr. This is the first time for both men:

Card for Pentagon Jr. vs. Chris Hero at AAW Windy City Classic 11

 And finally on Sunday, Chris will be at Providence, Rhode Island for Beyond Wrestling Tournament 4 Tomorrow Night 2. He will be wrestling against Ring of Honor star, Donovan Dijak, who will be wrestling against Chris' Death by Elbow tag partner, JT Dunn, the night before. Here is the flyer for Night 2:

Flyer of Beyond Wrestling Tournament 4 Tomorrow Night 2 featuring Donovan Dijak & Chris Hero

Yeah, also, Chris' Big in USA tag partner, Colt Cabana will be there in action, since he's on the flyer with Dick Justice and Team Tremendous.

So, that's it.

I hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving and for those who are going to be at the shows, tell Chris Hero I (Lindsie Starr) said hello.

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Yes, you can see Chris Hero got a Wrestling Heads tee:


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