Monday, November 30, 2015

Family drama and wrestling is not good for me after this past weekend.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, surviving Black Friday, support Small Business Saturday, a good Sunday, and you are looking for something online today, because it is Cyber Monday. But, for me, I am not pleased. I will start from Thanksgiving afternoon.

I know that I want to see the results from IWA Mid-South via twitter, that involves with Chris Hero in a match against "Big" Russ Jones. But, I had to deal with family on Thanksgiving afternoon with furiously two drunk parents and embarrassing brother. Sure drinking two strong "Perfect" manhattans, which I called them hard manhattans, make my parents drunk. Usually my mother won't drink the hard kind. She's more sweet manhattans or the usual rum and coke. But, not thanksgiving. Besides that during dinner, my parents ask my brother some uncomfortable stuff like about his lover, Rita, which my brother hesitates and my parents were believing it was over, but, I don't think that's what he's saying. Of course my parents dream that my brother wants to be on his own. But, I feel he's not, because of what he is doing now.

After dinner, I finally get some stuff doing and tell my friend Valentyna about Thanksgiving and I focus on IWA Mid-South on twitter. I seen tweets and saw some pictures to know that Chris is wrestling against "Big" Russ Jones and win. It was good. I was glad he won.

Friday was normal for me and no I did not go to Black Friday, because I did not want to get my ass kicked or be arrested for kicking people. Had my usual meal of sushi and more for dinner and got home to track results from AIW Hell on Earth 11 via twitter (Courtesy of Pat Lucey), but besides seeing Candice LeRae kicking ass, Chris Hero, deck in Cleveland stuff, including the ring gear he wore from Pro Wrestling NOAH Global League against Harry Smith (Aka Davey Boy Smith Jr), taking on Tim Donst in his usual ring gear. From what I could tell, the match was great and once again, Tim Donst beat Chris Hero, but, make his former trainer to tap out! Yikes! Yours truly had to put her two cents in. As per usual, Tim Donst like it.

Saturday was really started to be odd for me. I was waking up and should gone downstairs to see if my mother was home, but, I didn't. I was on my laptop doing some random stuff when my idiot father called and left a message telling me that I should not be worried since my mother and my brother are at the hospital. To my mind I was thinking, Oh not again! Mom must fall down and she hurt her knee and they need surgery! But, that was not the case. My father, who was instructed by my mother to not to call me, said that my brother is getting checked out, which that made me worried and because of that, I burst into tears crying. I did not wanted to relive my childhood days of my brother being at a hospital for days to months on end. I was so upset, I was so took out my frustrations out on my family, then went on a walk to calm me down, before my mother got home and told me the whole truth. She told me that since 5 in the morning, she has been taking care of my brother, due to the fact that he could not breath due to the high blood pressure. So, because of it the doctors want to keep him over the night. So, I understand. She went to get me food and went back to my brother.

While that was happening and me catching up to my shows, I went to see how the show, AAW was going on. It seems that everyone was there, including Chris Hero, who got the chance to wrestle against Pentagon Jr. The match happened around 11pm, which my mother was home from the hospital and gone to bed. I was in shock to see that Chris face painted himself to I guess to psych out Pentagon Jr, which he did. Chris did defeat him, but, after the match, Pentagon Jr went heel and attack Chris, before Fenix saved him by going after Pentagon Jr. Someone tweeted on twitter that Fenix did to dives or something. Also was more crazy that Saturday night was the return of the "Death Machine" Sami Callihan who attacked Eddie Kingston after Eddie wins back the AAW Championship from Ethan Page.

By the way, here is a photo of Chris really close up with the facepaint:

As for Tim Donst, I don't know if he wrestled at Lancaster Championship Wrestling, but, this happened:

Please don't blame him for his spelling. He took too many bumps to the head and I am glad that he could do that.

Yesterday was kinda calm, except for avoiding my idiot father. Although, Tim Donst was tweeting about his act of doing a song from a movie, which he wanted to use roses for props, but, then I should know that he was going to strip, which it made me realized, that he was being nuts. I should say that Tim was doing a burlesque show that was presented by his buddy, THE NECROSEXUAL! Unlike Chris Hero, who was nuts Saturday, I could not decided who was more crazier. Speaking about Chris Hero, he got his ass kicked by Donovan Dijak, that 6' 7" wrestler from Ring of Honor and like my tweets every time I see him on ROH, at Beyond Wrestling Tournament 4 Tomorrow Night 2. Although, someone made a vine of Donovan Dijak cursing at Chris Hero, while flapjacking on Chris. To me, I am sorta in shock of hearing Donovan Dijak cursing, because I never heard him cursing, because I never seen a promo of him. Maybe, I should look.

Anyway, today, I don't know if my brother is coming home from the hospital. I wish I have answers. But, I miss my young brother.

I will be getting the four shows that Chris wrestled on, within the coming days.

Until then,
Lindsie Starr

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