Thursday, November 19, 2015


Well, TNA AND ROH HAS GONE MAD! As you are going to be well know, my Tuesday nights are up in the air as well as Wednesday nights. I usually be watching around that time during the fall to spring season that  I watch NCIS at 8pm, NCIS New Orleans at 9pm, and then at 10pm, I could watch whatever CBS is offering or go to Cartoon Network and watch repeat episodes of American Dad. Wednesday nights are usually kinda boring until I watch the NBC hit that has been going on for 17 years, Law and Order: SVU. However, I would turn to watching wrestling on Wednesday nights to watch TNA Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor as of late, but sadly, since ROH is heading to COMET TV (Thanks Sinclair!) and TNA Impact Wrestling settled on POP TV (Really Dixie?) my whole week is screwed and not to mention, me missing the Blacklist Thursday nights.

Also, I have been watching Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D on demand, The Voice on rare occasions, trying to be interested in watching Supergirl and Scorpion, and I haven't watched NCIS Los Angeles since I missed the last two episodes from last season! Sometimes, weekends are a madhouse, because I need to keep an eye out on twitter for any results from any independent pro wrestling shows that features Chris Hero and/or Tim Donst.

My world right now is seeing impending doom since Lance Cade's death, Candice Michelle's pregnancy, the hatred of John Cena, the madness of liking and hating Austin Aries, and yes, watching what will be happening to poor Claudio Castagnoli.

Right now, I need to think about next week with Chris Hero's upcoming schedule, since he's going to be at four wrestling shows, starting with IWA Mid-South on Thursday and ending with Beyond Wrestling on Sunday.

So, until I can figure out what will be happening, THIS IS SO WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS~!

Also, I am feeling bad for Adrianne Palicki's cousin, Ben, who got hurt last night with a broken hand. He tweeted this morning that he had to go to the hospital and I saw it looks swollen. Gregory Iron is down to one of his guys.

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